“I just wanted to give a shout out to Harvey Dix of Retire-at-Home in Newmarket. Last Thursday I was in Newmarket at the opening of their Memories+ Adult Program and Wellness Centre. I am so excited that Fit Minds will be a major part of their program offering to the Newmarket community. They are making a real difference in their community!”

Nicole Scheidl

CEO and Founder of Fit Minds

Shortly after moving into an independent living residence, I began working with a Fit Minds coach. I became motivated and more confident about engaging in cognitive activities. I started reading again! I came to understand that simply doing crossword puzzles was not enough to keep my brain healthy.

Annonymous Fit Minds client

“I’ve had the opportunity to see Fit Minds programs in action from the very start, I was impressed with the difference the Fit Minds programs made in the lives of my residents when I was the general manager at Portobello Manor. I remember with one family in particular, the improvement of her memory and the ability to interact with her kids had a huge impact on the family relationships.

Marie-France Lalonde

Member of Provincial Parliament, Ottawa-Orléans

I have completed 5 sessions with […] and I have already noticed a HUGE improvement in both his cognitive skills and eagerness to participate. I work with him every Monday and Wednesday at 11 am and on the Friday at 11 am as well…. He shows up 15 to 20 minutes ahead of time, and this past week I even got him to attend our weekly session of Mental Aerobics. What an accomplishment. His wife […], has thanked me because she sees him getting out of his room more and sleeping less. I am so excited because he is a totally different man, and his self-esteem is improving session by session. All in all, I am so excited about this program and so very happy I decided to do it.

Karen Kardassilaris

Activity Director, Windsor Park Manor

It has been a thrill and privilege to work with […] using the “Fit Minds” program. She has good days and bad days in regards to memory, mood, ability, emotions etc. just like everyone else. However, my client has grown, and her life has taken on more meaning since she looks forward to the exercises and activities. In a sense her world has expanded from what she had been doing.


Mary Ann Kaspick

Fit Minds coach, Calgary AB

We have implemented the ‘Fit Minds’ program on our newly open Assisted Living Floor. The tools in the kit were used daily by Activity staff to provide meaningful one to one visits and small group programs for residents with cognitive impairments. The games are diverse in their themes and appeal to residents’ interests, helping promote conversation and reminiscing about their past experiences. They also offer a wide range of ways to play that can be tailored to the residents’ individual needs and abilities. Staff and family members were also trained to use the tools in order to help reduce wandering, exit seeking and repetitive behaviors. Many family members felt the program helped foster more positive interactions during their visits. We feel that ‘Fit Minds’ has greatly benefited the residents and care team at the Empress.

Christie Baca

Chartwell Empress Kanata