Supporting Your Loved One

Tips for Supporting Your Loved One Who is Coming to Memories+ Adult Day Program

Change is difficult for everyone. Be patient and keep the following suggestions in mind:


  • Introduce the idea slowly. Give your loved one time to accept the idea.
  • Avoid the term ‘Adult or Senior Day Care’, instead call it Memories, the day program or the club.
  • Offer a trial period. They may be willing to come once or twice to give it a try especially if they know they can change their mind. Some members do well when making a commitment to family, for example, “I will go three times and then decide if I want to continue”.
  • Attend the free trial visit with your loved one to help reduce anxiety and provide comfort.
  • Some people may be more willing to come to a day program if it is presented as a benefit for the caregivers benefit. For example, stating “When you are at the day program I can go to my doctors appointments and meet with the ladies, I need some time for myself too”.
  • Encourage family members and friends to let them know they think a day program is a great idea.
  • Often people will listen to their doctor. Ask their doctor to suggest attending a day program, and then try reminding them ‘The doctor wants you to go to the program to do your brain exercises’.
  • Offer a reminder that the Fit Minds Interact Cognitive Stimulation Program is recommended that participants engage in the program twice a week for optimal benefit.
  • Often, the person may be concerned about the cost of the program. Remember that most of today’s seniors grew up in The Depression and World War years, money is always on their mind. -Many of our members are told by their families the program is free.
  • A regular schedule helps many people get into a routine. They will see the same familiar group which helps reduce social anxiety.
  • Some members benefit from reminders the days and hours leading up to coming to the program where other people who may tend to worry do better with a reminder just before going.