Our Story

Memories+ founder Harvey Dix takes caring for elders very personally. After a senior family member had a debilitating stroke several years ago, he saw firsthand how difficult it could be for families in this type of situation to care for a loved one. Harvey had a very successful (and demanding) career at the time and realized that caring for a loved one while balancing a career and raising a young family was next to impossible. Through living this experience it became very clear that this is something that was not uncommon in today’s society. He realized that he was part of the “sandwich generation”.

Harvey wanted to make a difference and took a leap of faith by leaving his career and starting a business in Home health care.

Operating a home healthcare business was a great vehicle to serve the community with the highest standards of care and allow seniors to remain in the home that they love no matter what their challenges but Harvey realized that there was more to it than that. People need to remain active both physically and mentally. And being a social butterfly himself he realized the importance of social engagement.

In 2018, After almost 8 years building a solid reputation as a premium healthcare service provider in the York / South Simcoe region, Harvey and his dedicated team created Memories+ Adult Program and Wellness Centre.

The Memories+ program Centre allows family members options and give caregivers well-deserved respite and peace of mind that their loved ones are cared for in a Fun and interactive supervised environment.