There are many benefits of attending an adult day program:

Benefits for the member:

  • Increased quality of life by providing meaningful social engagement
  • Support and encouragement of independence and maintaining skills of daily living
  • Engage in safe physical activities to encourage maintaining current functional abilities, increase strength and reduce risk of falls
  • Cognitive programs are offered daily to stimulate the mind and promote brain health
  • Reduce feelings of social isolation by engaging with peers and staff
  • Promote feelings of pride when contributing to the group, fulfilling past roles, or learning new skills
  • Safe, supportive environment for people who require some assistance and care
  • Improve overall wellbeing

Benefits for the caregivers/ loved ones:

  • Reduced caregiver stress by providing much-needed respite
  • A cost-effective alternative to full-time care
  • Keep loved ones living at home longer before moving into long term care
  • Flexible schedule works well for caregivers who work

If you know someone who may benefit from attending an adult day program contact us here to find out more information.