Art Therapy



Art therapy is a combination of art and therapy. Art Therapists take a psycho therapeutic approach with a variety of different art materials using specific art directives to approach a session; and to restore the balance between the mind, body, and soul. Art Therapists are trained to analyze the subconscious of the participants in their artwork, so that words do not even need to be spoken, therefore resulting in a less invasive form of therapy. Engaging in Art Therapy is good for everybody. Art therapy has different affects on different people, for different reasons. It’s about the process and not a pretty picture (unless you want it to be)! It isn’t an art class and there is no judgement. 

Art Therapy is implemented for the members at Memories+ Adult Day Program and provides the opportunity for everyone to engage in some therapeutic expression.



















The Benefits of Art Therapy?

Art therapists strongly believe that the individual will get what he or she needs from the session, as art therapy becomes a vessel. Below are examples of potential benefits:

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy restoration 
  • Mood stabilizing
  • Balanced emotions
  • Learning 
  • Growth
  • Inner peace
  • Confidence 
  • Connection
  • Goal setting /achieving
  • Art skills
  • Inspiration 

Sarah recognized the healing potentials of creating art at a young age and furthered that essence into a career on her journey. After obtaining a Fine Arts Degree, she went on to the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (TATI) where she graduated with an equivalency to a Masters in Art Therapy. She is a professional practicing Art Therapist in the GTA and is registered with CATA. She started her own business called Soul-Full Art Therapy and works with a variety of different populations.